Once immigrated to Canada, Enrico began to work adapting to various jobs, laborer, carpenter, tailor, insurance representative but his goal, his great love, was music and his artistic journey began with his winning "Il trampolino del dilettante" in 1957, a contest organized by prominent business man Gianni Lombardi.

Having tasted success and encouraged by the warmth of his public, he began along with his band to delight our Italians with shows in all of Canada.

Along his artistic path, Enrico has always demonstrated his pure Italianism with constant ties to his homeland.

His songs & his singing made people feel at home, made them feel closer to their distant towns.

Enrico was able to involve his fans that often would rise and participate by singing along with him.

To honorably describe this artistic figure, one would need to write a book of his successes. The genuine enthusiasm that he is able to develop at every performance is a constant that continually repeats itself. His voice invokes in his listeners a joyous emotion & admiration that everyone lets themselves be transported by the impeccable, sincere and unique performance of our artist.

The principal stages of his singing career highly indicate the positive chapters of affirmation of our people in a foreign land.

On the radio, he sang live with hundreds of transmissions on the most important radio and television stations, CFRB-CBM-CBC, CHIN - CHWO -SFMB -CHNO.

The great conductor Ivan Romanoff, which directed a program for the CBC, "Songs of my people", when presenting on his program an Italian song always had Enrico Farina to interpret it.

Enrico Farina matured not only artistically but also as a songwriter, on of his most well known songs we can mention is "Luna Canadese" which he wrote in 1960, which had record sales of over a million copies.

In 1968, he ws invited to sing at the 16th Festival of Napoletan Songs, it was the first time that an Italian immigrant (not napoletan) would return to Italy to participate at this important event of napoletan song.

The song that he performed was "Mezzanotte Mmiez'avia", which received great approval and Enrico was voted the bested performer by the critics.

In 1969, Enrico returns to Italy to participate in the "Mythical Summer Disco" and finished amongst the finalists by winning 40,000 votes. In 1971 he participates at the Pesaro festival where he places second after Little Tony.

His artistic journey is already marked, he had definitely settled in Canada, and is being asked to perform in the English, so he begins to record his new LP's in both English and Italian.

In 1976 he is at top of the charts with his song "Let me love you forever", in 1977, he is again at the top of the charts with his song "Hello Hello", in 1978 his song in English version "Ciao Ciao Bambina" is number one.

In 1992 he returns to Italy to participate in the "New Festival of Napoli" with his song "No Poco e Bene". The great napolitan public, with a deep knowledge of his music, receive him with much affection, tribute him by giving him first place announcing him winner of the festival.

Like many of the Italian artistis living far from their homeland, Enrico has recorded many albums or CD dedicatd to the Italian song and all with the title "Ciao Italia".

The international critics, recently have valued his CD "the Golden Collection" distributed in all of Asia, as a musical masterpiece and the Caruso version, interpreted in both languages, is definitely the best interpretation on the American and Asian market.

The well known host Paolo Limiti of "Ci vediamo in TV", has invited him innumerable times on his very popular television show.

In the past few years, he performed in theatres around the world, France, Germany, Belgium, Argentina, Singapour, Australia, United States, Las Vegas and Honolulu.

Enrico Farina gained recognition in many parts of the world, the most recent from the Assocation Scopello - Sicily - which has awarded him "Cultural and TV Award", given to him in October of 2005 in Alcamo. This being a very important award and a very significant one for Enrico as it was given to him by Italians.

Enrico Farina, a great artist, an artist who sang both with his voice & his heart. An artist followed and loved for his performances, for his live and communicative contact with is public, an artist admired by all, by people of all different ethnic backrounds, by young and old.

Enrico, an artist that actively participated in the growth and history of music in Canada in the last 50 years and gave to all incredible performances and so much music and songs which will remain for many years to gladden those who love music.

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